Medium sized projects – WeBSEDFF

The Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Direct Financing Facility (WeBSEDFF) is a direct investment facility under which EUR 50 million of loan funds have been allocated by the EBRD under the REEP. WeBSEDFF operates in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo. The facility is open to local small and medium enterprises (SME) or project developers to implement:

  • Industrial energy efficiency projects
  • Renewable energy projects
  • ESCO projects in public sector through ESCO contracts
Under the WeBSEDFF the EBRD provides direct loans from EUR 2 million (for certain countries from EUR 1 million) up to EUR 6 million for eligible projects. Under this scheme eligible borrowers can also obtain:
  • Technical consultancy services free of charge, provided by the Project Consultant, who supports the preparation of sustainable energy projects.
  • Incentive payments based on the estimated reduction of CO2 emissions resulting from project implementation.

Please click here for case studies of projects financed under the WeBSEDFF. For more about eligible investments, financing modalities and available grant support please take a look at the facility website: