Supporting public authorities to prepare ESCO energy efficiency projects

Subject to the availability of funds, EBRD may be able to contribute technical co-operation to provide the following:

• Support to central or local government or their agencies to prepare, launch and implement EnPC programmes. This would include identification and technical assessments of buildings, preparation of EnPC templates and related EnPC tender procedures and support for implementation and monitoring of energy saving programmes;

• Support to government to establish the optimal enabling environment for EnPC activity in the public sector. This would include assessment of the applicable regulatory framework to identify any constraints in, for example, the budget code or procurement laws; assistance to amend legislation as needed; and assistance to establish the non-debt classification of obligations under an EnPC contract; and

• Support in designing the optimal structure for combining private finance for EnPCs with EU Structural Funds or other sources of public finance. This would follow the principle that ESCOs should finance at their own risk those investments with a commercial payback whereas public funds (ie Structural Funds) should cover viable energy saving projects but with longer payback.

Public authorities who are interested in the support for preparing an energy efficiency ESCO project can contact us through the details on the right hand side.